Upravit stránku

Hello everyone !
Based on the ordinance of government, we decided to organize the CZECHMAN Triathlon 2020 race according to the following rules.
The start of the race will take place in separate waves for up to 5️⃣0️⃣ racers.
The enclosed is starting list, including your starting wave and time of start.
We ask all racers, including the escort and potential spectators, to be considerate and use veils and, as far as possible, to keep a minimum distance of 2️⃣ m from the others.

😷 Veils 😷 will be required for the presentation, when entering the depot, before and after the event.
Before entering the start corridor, the competitors put the veils in the prepared baskets.

Thank you all in advance for maximum compliance with the rules and we wish you peace of mind until the final preparations.
We look forward to seeing you and we believe we can do it together!



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