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Preparations CONTINUE !

While your training is going to finals, we will not be idle and start preparing for the race. Let's keep our fists. :)

25-27 September 2020, NEW TERM of CZECHMAN Triathlon !

Unfortunately, the CZECHMAN Triathlon  will not take place at the originally planned date of June 5 - 7, 2020 after the last statement of the Government of the Czech Republic and at the same time published schedule with gradual release of current restriction due to COVID-19.




CZECHMAN Aquatlon 29.3.2020 - postponed!

Due to yesterday's decision of the State Security Council on measures to protect the population and prevent the risk of developing and spreading COVID-19, we are forced to postpone the date of the CZECHMAN Aquatlon - 29.3.2020. In cooperation with the Czech Triathlon Association we will try to find the nearest suitable date for the race.